Mignon Francois, Mother of a Future Governor

Meet Mignon Francois, Mother of a Future Governor.

“When we enrolled Xavier as a founding scholar at Nashville Prep, we found it to be incredibly rigorous and challenging - and he loved it. He has a love for business - because he’s been in it all of his life. He doesn’t really know a life where his parents worked a “normal” 9-5 job. Because of that, he knows how to figure out a way to make money. He understands that faith is the currency that performs for him, not the actual green dollar.  TN has one of the largest concentrations of food insecure children of any state in the country. Xavier wants to affect change in that area as he grows up.  I know that he wants to address this problem by finding a way to ensure that students across the state have delicious, healthy food options in school each day. What do I see him doing when he grows up? I see him as a CEO, philanthropist, and governor.”



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