Amanda Cassar, Dream Builder at Nashville Prep

Teaching is tough but I love it and I know that it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

I constantly ask myself, “Am I doing enough today to help my kids know that they can achieve greatness?” Thinking about this pushes me every day to do everything I can to help my kids feel successful and know that they are great.  I’m passionate about my kids knowing they can overcome any obstacle regardless of what factors led up to that moment. I want to help them know their worth and discover themselves through education. There’s so much that I want my kids to take with them when they leave my classroom. I think above all, I want them to remember that I love them which is why I push them to do hard things. But something tells me that they’ll always be able to recall me saying “There are only 2 reasons to ever interrupt Ms. Cassar. 1. If you or the room is on fire. 2. If Beyoncé walks in the room.” I hope they remember why I always said that.

“Because we simply don’t have time to waste."

- Amanda Cassar, Dream Builder at Nashville Prep