Rachel Koval, The Dream Catcher at Nashville Prep

Meet Rachel Koval, The Dream Catcher at Nashville Prep and #PeopleOfRePublic:

"My passion for women’s equality and women supporting other women is a huge part of the reason I do this work. I think, too often, on the road to women becoming leaders, we feel like we have to step on top of other women to get there. The social dynamics of girls in middle school are the ones that set the foundation for the rest of their educational careers. If I can help influence my ten and eleven-year-olds to see one another as support systems - and not competitors - I believe I can help change the trajectory of their future academic and social experiences.

My favorite moments with my students are when we laugh so hard that we cry. I love every time a student has an answer that is wiser than mine. Believe it or not, I like that they think I’m a tough teacher. When they say that my class is hard, I say, “thank you!” I never want them to think my class is easy. If they think it’s easy, I’m not pushing them enough. My hope for my students is that they grow up to be people that advocate for themselves in a way that makes other people stop and listen - because, trust me, they have something to say."


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