Scott Campbell, Master of the Dad Joke

Meet Scott Campbell, Master of the Dad Joke.

"As Principal of RePublic High School, it’s my passion for developing students who can lead and my desire for giving scholars unique educational opportunities that keeps me doing this work. What we need in this world more than anything is, not just students who can graduate, but students that have experience in leading and innovating. Of all the lessons, I teach my students each day, I hope they remember these 2 things: (1) There is joy to be had in the midst of struggle - even the struggle of building a new campus during the school year. (2) Do whatever is before you well. We’re often looking for the next thing and don’t focus on the present. If you live a life that says, 'whatever is put before me, I’m going to do that to the best of my ability', you’re going to do great things."


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