Moira Moynihan, Reigning Reading ๐Ÿ‘‘ & Teacher

I still remember the moment so vividly. We had been working together for two years. I told them, โ€œYโ€™all, we did it,โ€ and started crying.

We had grown 1.94 years on average โ€” just during 8th grade. We lapped the grade ahead of us.

One of my kids started 7th grade reading on a 2nd grade level. You donโ€™t finish learning how to read until 3rd grade โ€” so he was still learning the fundamentals. He had told me how he felt like so many teachers had given up on him, but I knew I wouldnโ€™t. At the end of his 8th grade year, he ended on a 9th grade level. He had grown 7 years in reading. We were together when he got his results, and we both burst into tears. He and I had been working towards that moment for two years. He KNEW he could do it โ€” despite so many people telling him he couldnโ€™t. He left middle school reading on grade level, which means the path of his life is fundamentally altered.

These stories make me realize I was meant to be here with these kids. I was meant to be their teacher and meant to stay with with them. Thatโ€™s why I followed them to RePublic High School. I am so grateful to continue to watch them grow. Our work isnโ€™t over yet.

โ€” Moira Moynihan, Reigning Reading ๐Ÿ‘‘ & Teacher