Moira Moynihan, Reigning Reading πŸ‘‘ & Teacher

I still remember the moment so vividly. We had been working together for two years. I told them, β€œY’all, we did it,” and started crying.

We had grown 1.94 years on average β€” just during 8th grade. We lapped the grade ahead of us.

One of my kids started 7th grade reading on a 2nd grade level. You don’t finish learning how to read until 3rd grade β€” so he was still learning the fundamentals. He had told me how he felt like so many teachers had given up on him, but I knew I wouldn’t. At the end of his 8th grade year, he ended on a 9th grade level. He had grown 7 years in reading. We were together when he got his results, and we both burst into tears. He and I had been working towards that moment for two years. He KNEW he could do it β€” despite so many people telling him he couldn’t. He left middle school reading on grade level, which means the path of his life is fundamentally altered.

These stories make me realize I was meant to be here with these kids. I was meant to be their teacher and meant to stay with with them. That’s why I followed them to RePublic High School. I am so grateful to continue to watch them grow. Our work isn’t over yet.

β€” Moira Moynihan, Reigning Reading πŸ‘‘ & Teacher