Evan, Founding Member of the Pi-oneers Robotics Team & RePublic Scholar

I joined the Robotics team because I’ve always dreamed of working in the computer science field.

The team has given me the opportunity to try out something I might wanna do when I grow up. Plus, I’ll be able to put it on my college applications.

Last year, we were the only 9th grade team at the Tennessee state tournament. We went up against Brentwood Academy. They won the last three competitions in a row. And they won again. But we won the Judge’s Award. We worked hard, and the judges noticed. They appreciated our robot’s design and our teamwork. They said they were impressed by our ability to compete against teams with much more experience.

I worked with my teammates Keimon and David to program our robot. We used a language similar to JavaScript — called Robot C. We had to teach ourselves. And our code was pretty good! We ran into a lot of bugs, but we struggled through them together. We used Google Hangouts over the weekend to fix issues.

The skills I’ve learned on the Robotics team will help me realize that languages are similar, even if they aren’t exactly the same. And, you can teach anything to yourself if you work hard enough.

 — Evan, Founding Member of the Pi-oneers Robotics Team & Scholar at RePublic High School