Dylan Burrows, The Mathlete at Nashville Prep

Meet Dylan Burrows, The Mathlete at Nashville Prep:

"I’m a huge math nerd. I was lucky to develop this love for math in college - but I want my students to find that obsession with math much earlier. I truly believe that math will open up doors for them. My students will be problem-solvers - the skills they’re learning in my classroom will teach them that whatever problem is before them, they can figure it out. My hope is that they turn out to be the group of people that truly begin to resolve some of the tensions that divide our country. My kids make it easy to wake up early and come in every day - I know that I’ll have twenty-eight smiling faces to say good morning to. When they grow up, I want them to remember that I cared about them, that I pushed them really hard, and that I was there for them when they needed me."


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