Halim Genus, The Relationship Builder

Meet Halim Genus, the Relationship Builder at Nashville Academy of Computer Science.

"It is my passion for justice and love that drives me to continue to do the tough work of being an educator. On challenging days I think back on some of my favorite moments: The one that stays at the forefront of my mind is helping and witnessing one of my former students mature into a student experiencing success, taking risks, and allowing himself to be vulnerable in academic settings. My biggest struggle is finding the balance between maintaining high expectations and building strong life-altering relationships. I want my students to be able to say, “this person loves me as evidenced by his high expectations for me”.  It is my hope is that my students remember that I was stern and no-nonsense but I loved them to the moon and back. If nothing else, I want them to have learned the art of forgiveness from me, and what it means to hold someone in any esteem and look beyond any silly or malicious choice they made, and choose to give them not even a second chance-- but a new chance to do the right thing."


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