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in the 2017-18 school year, remiagine prep serves grades 5-7, and smilow prep serves grades 5-6. In the 2018-19 school year, remiagine prep serves grades 5-8, smilow prep serves grades 5-7, and smilow collegiate serves grades K through 1st.
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If an applicant has a sibling enrolled at a RePublic school, they will receive priority at their sibling's current school.
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Sharing of Information with Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board for Application to Approved Charter School
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Mississippi charter schools are required to conduct enrollment lotteries for admission if more students submit applications than there are spots available. Students who are eligible for free lunch or special education services receive a preference in charter school lotteries. With your consent, the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board will request your child’s eligibility for free lunch and eligibility for special education services from the Mississippi Department of Education and provide this information to the charter school so that your student(s) may receive this preference. For the MDE to release this eligibility information to the MCSAB, we must have your permission for this information to be released. MCSAB will not share the information with any other entity. Failure to sign this consent will not affect the student’s eligibility for free lunch program or special education services.
If you checked yes to the box above, your information will be shared only with the MCSAB and charter school to which you have applied. Your signature attests that you are a parent or guardian who is a member of the child’s household for purposes of the free and reduced price meal or free milk application.
Entering name authenticates person as the source of the electronic consent and indicates such person’s approval of release of the information contained in the electronic consent form.
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