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What is the Cato Center?

The Cato Center is closing the digital literacy gap in Nashville.

Each scholar at RePublic High School takes AP Computer Science.

Each scholar at RePublic High School takes AP Computer Science.

Scholars from across Nashville attend free after-school clubs and summer camps.

Scholars from across Nashville attend free after-school clubs and summer camps.


The Cato Center is committed to building a community for all Nashville students to engage with entrepreneurship and Computer Science.

The Cato Center hosts classes, workshops, and summer camps for all Nashville students ages 9-16. Students learn to develop games, design websites, build robots, pilot drones, and mix music, as they develop entrepreneurial skills.

The Cato Center is named for Thomas H. Cato, who was a pioneer in the field of healthcare computer science and information technology. From humble beginnings in Mississippi, Mr. Cato believed that access to a robust computer science education early on in his academic and professional career forever changed the trajectory of his life. Mr. Cato eventually served as the Chief Information Officer of HCA Healthcare. The Center honors Mr. Cato and RePublic’s shared commitment to the idea that digital literacy is the key to dismantling historic barriers to equality in the South.



The Cato Center is currently offering the following free clubs open to any Nashville student ages 9-16.


Robots are changing virtually every industry through automation and creation. Students engage with the mechanics of robots and learn how to construct Lego EV3 robots. Throughout the club, students will build multiple robots, including devices that can recognize color, light, and sound. Students will also learn about the impact that robotic has had on society and industry. 


In recording technology, students begin with the basics of pro tools. From there, they will learn to  create, run, and record music all on their own. Artists and performers are brought in through the semester to simulate real-world recording sessions. 

Game Design

In this club, students learn to build interactive games that can be shared online. From mazes to platform games to two player competitions, students develop fundamental programming skills through the utilization of the block programming language, Scratch. This club can accommodate a wide range of prior knowledge and skill levels.


Students will learn how to construct multiple different types of drones. Students will learn how code their drones to perform specific flight patterns and follow certain instructions, and they will also gain experience flying them manually. Students will build and fly both the RoboLink Codrone and the larger DJI Phantom 3. 

AP Computer Science Tutoring

For all scholars enrolled in AP Computer Science Principles, the Cato Center is offering after school tutoring to prepare for the exam on May 5th and learn more about the Create and Explore tasks that will be submitted in conjunction with the assessment. 


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