Life at Republic

Working at RePublic isn’t just a job. It’s a movement. It’s a family. It’s a team of teachers and leaders who stop at nothing to ensure that every student is prepared to succeed in college and life.

Why Republic?

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

RePublic Schools is a network of schools in Jackson, Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee working to reimagine public education in the South by preparing all scholars for college and teaching them to code.

Part of reimagining education in the South means that we confront the historic inequities that work against our scholars and actively work to dismantle those inequities.

We are doing this by intentionally creating an environment that embraces, honors, and celebrates our scholars’ identities and experiences, as well as the identities and experiences of our every member of our community. We are working to make our schools environments that affirm our differences across race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender orientation, physical abilities, socio-economic class, and other characteristics that make up our unique identities.

Additionally, as a network, we’ve committed to hiring and developing individuals who share the life experiences of our students because we believe these individuals have an additional impact on our scholars.

To hear more about our journey to make our network a diverse and equitable place, read one of our assistant principals’, Darren Gray, blog post.


Everyone at RePublic receives over 500 hours of personalized professional development per year.


RePublic has built the highest performing public charter schools in Tennessee.


RePublic has an ambitious growth plan to meet the demands of families across the South. We've got space for dynamic teammates who aspire to leadership in the classroom, in schools, or on our network team to grow with us.



Nashville and Jackson are vibrant, fun, and affordable places to live and work. Our schools are at the epicenter of change in cities renowned for their ed reform movements.


Every full-time RePublic employee receives a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package — including health and retirement plans.


RePublic values excellence, simplicity, empowerment, urgency, courage, and one team.


RePublic teachers and leaders work on the front lines to ensure that every scholar gets a world-class education. We are currently looking for dedicated leaders to serve as High School Science and High School Math Teachers.