We've Got Your Back

Over the past week, our nation has faced a series of swift and sweeping changes. The Trump Administration’s Executive Order on refugees and immigrants has touched members of our RePublic family.  In response, we reaffirm our commitment to our staff, scholars and families, a commitment which we promise to uphold regardless of changes being made on the national stage.
Our schools do not — and will not — monitor the immigration or citizenship status of our scholars. Under the law, our schools are not permitted to monitor the immigration or citizenship status of our scholars, and we take this legal obligation seriously. We will continue to serve our immigrant and refugee families and will not be complicit in efforts to exclude them from our community.
RePublic was founded on the belief that education transforms lives. We knew then that an excellent education allows any child to reimagine her future, and we know it now. Regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual identity, ability, or country of origin, we believe in the power and potential of our scholars. Our belief and commitment to them is unwavering.
Many members of our RePublic family are afraid right now.  We assure you that we’ve got your back. Regardless of what happens, our schools will continue to be a safe space for every scholar and staff member.
To our scholars: we love you not in spite of your differences, but because of them.  Our goals for you have not changed. Your teachers and teammates will continue to work tirelessly to ensure you are on track to graduate from the college of your choice. In the face of such tremendous uncertainty, we re-dedicate ourselves to reaching this goal. You, our scholars, are the next generation of leaders. Continuing to commit to growth and excellence in your education guarantees your ability to reimagine not only your own future, but also that of your country.


Jon Rybka
Chief Executive Officer

Ryan York
Chief Information Officer
Principal, RePublic High School

Annie Robison
Director of Schools

Victoria Haberman
Principal, Smilow Prep

Matt Dempsey
Principal, Nashville Prep

Christina McDonald
Principal, Reimagine Prep

Macy Bennett
Principal, Liberty Collegiate Academy

Hannah Sacco
Principal, Nashville Academy of Computer Science