Solar Eclipse - 2024

There’s not much we can say about the solar eclipse that hasn’t already been said. In a stroke of good fortune, both our Mississippi and Tennessee schools found themselves in the path of this rare celestial event. Nashville happened to be located in the line of totality, making our city an ideal location for taking in the eclipse. Our scholars were off from school that day, but teachers from across the network gathered to geek out about the science of the eclipse and take in this once in a lifetime event.

We hope moments like the eclipse inspire our scholars to be lifelong learners. The next American solar eclipse doesn’t happen until 2024. By that time, our founding scholars could be teachers at our schools. Our second class will be a month away from college graduations. Our current fifth graders will be deciding what colleges to attend.

The next eclipse is a long way away, but the work happening each day in our schools keeps that far off future in mind. We invest deeply in scholars now so that they may reap the benefits for years after they leave our buildings. We’re so grateful that our scholars got to experience this moment together in Jackson and in Nashville, but we can’t wait to see where they are the next time an eclipse rolls around.