Announcing Our Newest Principal of Smilow Collegiate

We spoke with Kristen Williams about her goals and vision for Smilow Collegiate, and we’ve shared our conversation below.

“I am so excited to embark on my 21st year in education at Smilow Collegiate!” Kristen Williams, Principal of Smilow Collegiate

Principal Williams, what are your goals and priorities for the school year?

My priority for the academic school year is fostering a positive school culture, and a sense of community among scholars, staff, and families is essential for creating a supportive, loving, and thriving educational environment. We will implement strategies to promote a positive school culture with a foundation of love, academia, and social development. For scholars, the goal is to provide a clear, detailed PBIS plan will be put in place to focus on restorative practices. Student leadership teams will be established to promote student voice while integrating the SEL curriculum. Also, intervention and enrichment initiatives will be in place to improve academics and increase academic rigor. 

How do you plan to foster a positive school culture and sense of community among scholars, staff, and families?

The staff will be trained in PBIS, SEL, and culturally responsive teaching with clear expectations.  The staff will be consistently celebrated on their accomplishments and milestones; “staff member and teacher of the month” will be implemented to highlight exceptional contributions to SC. SC will be a collaborative environment through team-building activities and shared decision-making processes. 

Families will receive open, transparent, and regular communication through newsletters, social media, and meetings. There will be opportunities for two-way communication, such as parent surveys and forums. We will also roll out family and community-oriented events such as family nights, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. Families and stakeholders will be involved in school decision-making through committees and advisory boards.

By implementing these strategies, we can create a positive school culture that supports the academic, social, and emotional growth of all scholars, fosters a sense of community among staff, and actively engages families and the community in the educational process.

Thank you for your time Principal Williams. We look forward to seeing you move in excellence and lead in love, achievement, and anti-racism.