Announcing Our Newest Principal of ReImagine Prep

We recently had the chance to speak with Dr. Foster about her objectives and strategies for academic success, and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Dr. Foster, what are your goals and priorities for the school year?

My primary goals for this school year are to enhance academic excellence, foster a supportive and inclusive school culture, and strengthen the relationship between the school and the community. I aim to build on the strong foundation already in place at ReImagine Prep by implementing innovative teaching strategies and ensuring that every scholar receives the individualized support they need to succeed. Additionally, I am committed to creating an environment where staff and students feel valued, motivated, and empowered to achieve their best.

How do you plan to foster a positive school culture and sense of community among scholars, staff, and families?

Fostering a positive school culture begins with open and transparent communication. I plan to hold regular Town Hall meetings and community gatherings to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Implementing Restorative Practices will be a key strategy in promoting a respectful and empathetic school environment. By involving scholars, staff, and families in decision-making processes and encouraging collaborative efforts, we can build a strong, cohesive community. Celebrating our successes and supporting each other through challenges will be a cornerstone of our school culture.

What is your approach to communication with parents, teachers, and students?

To support academic achievement and growth, I will prioritize data-driven instruction and personalized learning plans. Conducting regular classroom observations and providing constructive feedback will help ensure high-quality teaching. Additionally, creating a Wellness Zone and offering mental health resources will address students’ social-emotional needs, which are crucial for academic success. Implementing innovative programs such as 1:1 student technology and hosting professional development sessions for teachers will further enhance our instructional strategies.

How do you plan to involve parents and the broader community in the school’s activities and decision-making processes?

Involving parents and the broader community is essential for a thriving school environment. I plan to partner with organizations like Parent University to increase volunteerism and parental involvement. Regular newsletters, social media updates, and open forums will keep parents informed and engaged. Establishing a parent advisory committee will provide a platform for parents to share their insights and collaborate on school initiatives. By fostering strong partnerships with local businesses and community leaders, we can create a supportive network that enhances the educational experience for our scholars.

How do you plan to evaluate the success of your leadership and the school’s overall performance?

Evaluating the success of my leadership and the school’s performance will involve multiple metrics, including academic achievement data, student and parent surveys, and feedback from staff. Regularly reviewing these metrics will help us identify areas of improvement and celebrate our successes. Additionally, setting clear, measurable goals for both short-term and long-term growth will allow us to track our progress and make data-informed decisions. By maintaining a reflective practice and being open to feedback, I aim to continuously improve and adapt our strategies to meet the needs of our school community.


Core Values and Vision for ReImagine Prep

At the heart of my vision for ReImagine Prep are the core values of human connection, love, and accountability. These values will guide our efforts as we embark on a rebirth this school year, creating a school culture that not only prioritizes academic excellence but also nurtures the social and emotional well-being of our scholars. By fostering genuine human connections, demonstrating love and care for one another, and holding ourselves accountable, we will build a supportive and thriving school community. Together, we will reimagine what is possible and strive for excellence in all that we do.