Meet Ramya Carneiro of Nashville Prep

We caught up with Ramya Carneiro, an English Language Learner Teacher at Nashville Prep, and learned why she enjoys working with our scholars, Nashville Prep and RePublic Schools.

Ms. Carneiro, thank you for taking a moment to share your story. Let’s start with what initially drew you to Nashville Prep and how that impression has evolved.

Initially, I was very impressed with the interview session. I felt it was a very warm setting with a lot of care and positive vibes. It showed how much the school cares about the students, teachers, and the importance of education. RePublic Schools was ready to provide any paperwork for my employment and promptly responded to all emails and calls. Though I have received other school offers, RePublic Schools is my home, and I look forward to the start of the new school year.

Can you share a specific moment or experience that encapsulates why you feel strongly connected to Nashville Prep and RePublic Schools?

I feel blessed to have chosen RePublic Schools as my first experience in a middle school with a special education license. I still remember the first day. I was welcomed and shown around the school with lots of happiness and kindness. I was given a chance to observe for a week before I could start working with the kids, but I insisted that I would begin the very next day! That moment was unforgettable because the school trusted my abilities and gave me all the support I needed to help me gain experience and support me to make sure everything was going well. I must say this is the best place to work. The scholars make me so happy each day with their vast respect, cute hugs, pretty smiles, and innocence from the time I enter the school until I leave at 3:30 pm. I feel every moment is precious. I feel very connected to the school and can see myself being part of this network for a long time.

In what ways do you believe Nashville Prep fosters a supportive and inclusive environment for both scholars and staff?

Nashville Prep is more than just a school; it’s a family. The staff are the elders, and the scholars are our children. Every member of Nashville Prep is deeply invested in our scholar’s growth, and the support from the school helps create a positive environment. I am blessed and happy to be a part of this huge family. The support and curriculum set by the school reduce the stress for the teachers. Apart from that, there are events to celebrate the teachers and opportunities for students to build a connection. It makes the school the best place to work. It is a very important job to build a career for the students. It’s our responsibility to make the scholars responsible citizens and have a wonderful career path.

How have you grown personally and professionally due to being part of your school community?

I have personally gained a lot of patience, confidence, and experience as a teacher when it comes to the training given at the school about IEP and PD sessions. I think every teacher needs to get that extra training to keep us updated and on track to achieve our goals for the betterment of the scholars. As a newcomer, I was trained to write the IEP goals and attend parent-teacher meetings to discuss the scholars’ progress. The PD sessions at school were useful for me to learn the procedures and rules of Tennessee.

Honestly, I find Nashville Prep the best place to work. They respect our abilities as teachers and treat everyone with love and care. At RePublic Schools, they just don’t say that you belong here, but they make you feel that you really belong here. I feel I’m seen, heard, and important in this place. It’s a safe environment, and I feel the importance of education. With God’s blessings, I hope to have a long journey with Nashville Prep and RePublic Schools.