Announcing Our Newest Principal of Nashville Prep

We had the opportunity to connect with Shalimar Gates and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Mrs. Gates, what are your goals and priorities for the school year?

Every scholar deserves a place of learning that builds their character and enhances their education. The middle school experience is a pivotal point in scholars’ educational trajectory, where they learn transferable skills that will support them throughout high school and college.

Academic excellence is my priority! My plan of action focuses on two key areas: Scholar Belonging and Teacher and Leader Development.

  1. Scholar Belonging: We aim to create a space where scholars are valued as future world leaders, ensuring they feel a strong sense of belonging. We will provide an educational experience that attracts and retains scholars, making our school a place where both parents and scholars want to be.
  2. Teacher and Leader Development: Empowering and equipping teachers to be premier professionals in education is crucial. The magic happens in the classroom between the teacher and scholar. I will coach and support our leaders and teachers to consistently deliver high-quality instruction.

By focusing on these areas, we will ensure that our school is anchored in love, achievement, and anti-racism, preparing every child to navigate and change the world.

What strategies do you have in mind for supporting scholar academic achievement and growth?

My responsibility is to ensure that every minute of the school day is purposeful and dedicated to scholarly learning. To support academic achievement and growth, I am committed to maintaining high expectations through accountability and effective coaching.

I will ensure that all teachers are equipped with the necessary tools to deliver quality instruction within a healthy learning environment. My role is to coach teachers to excel in their profession, fostering a strong belief in our scholars’ ability to engage in both the heart and hard work required for growth and achievement.

Together, we will create an environment where every scholar can thrive and succeed.

What is your approach to communication with parents, teachers, and students?

As your Principal, I believe that clarity is kindness. My responsibility is to ensure all stakeholders are well-informed about what is happening in our school. Parents must have access to and insight into their scholars’ education.

Maintaining an open-door policy fosters a trusting relationship between parents, teachers, and scholars. This trust creates a clear system of accountability for everyone involved. When parents and teachers collaborate effectively, our scholars thrive.