Electives In Action: A Closer Look at Scholar Electives at RePublic

Celebrating Success: RePublic Schools’ Electives Program Highlights!

We are thrilled to share the exciting strides we’ve made in the implementation of our strategic initiative: the Electives Program during the 2023-24 school year. At RePublic Schools, we believe that our scholars deserve an education that goes beyond the traditional classroom experience, nurturing their interests and passions. Our commitment to creating well-rounded, engaged citizens has been at the forefront of our efforts, and the wins we’ve achieved in our Electives Program are worth celebrating.

Why Electives Matter

Creating electives within our schools is a crucial step towards fostering a holistic and enriching educational experience for our scholars. Traditionally, adult decisions shaped schedules, but an inclusive process elevates scholars’ voices, tapping into the brilliance of their multifaceted intellect. This approach satisfies the human desire for school happiness and fun, fostering scholarly connections in various settings throughout the day. Surveys and interviews show a community desire for more elective options aligned with scholars’ interests, offering a platform for self-expression. While prioritizing scholar choice and happiness, we also value their preparedness for the next phase of education and beyond.

Our vision positions RePublic Schools as a network offering equitable experiences, aligning course offerings with the portrait of a graduate. In the next five years, scholars and their families will actively choose electives that showcase an interest in new areas of study, fostering a willingness to explore diverse activities. 

Within three years, electives will transform in perception, evolving from being seen as supplementary to becoming integral components critical to scholars’ futures. These courses will offer genuine enrichment, allowing scholars to explore their strengths, preferences, and interests. Through electives, scholars will develop a heightened sense of agency, empowering them as they prepare for new interests, college majors, and potential career paths.

Offering High-Quality Electives

In the last quarter, our teachers and schools focused on building towards end-of-quarter elective showcases directed by Allison Arth. These showcases allow scholars to share their artwork, computer science projects, and performance tasks with their peers, families, and communities. Electives provide scholars the opportunity to choose their learning adventure through their interests. According to surveys, 93% of teachers enjoyed teaching electives, and 88% of scholars enjoyed their elective courses.

In the 2023-2024 school year, RePublic Schools is delighted to offer a diverse range of electives that cater to the varied interests and talents of our scholars. Physical Education provides scholars with a unique opportunity to develop cognitive content and instruction aimed at enhancing motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for a lifetime of physical activity and fitness.

The benefits of daily physical education are numerous, contributing to increased levels of physical activity, improved grades and standardized test scores, and enhanced classroom focus. In the realm of Computer Science, lower middle school scholars can choose from two exciting courses: Video Game Design and Web Development. Video Game Design allows scholars to build their projects using MIT’s Scratch program, while Web Development enables them to create websites, exploring topics from biographies to the Digital Divide’s societal impact. Both courses are project-based and aligned with the AP Computer Science Principles framework, emphasizing analysis, creation, presentation, and critique.

Finally, scholars can engage in the Visual Arts elective, promoting creative expression, critical evaluation, and a deeper arts appreciation. Through a dynamic exploration of visual arts, scholars will engage in a multitude of creative expressions, unveiling their proficiency in diverse media, materials, and techniques inherent to this vibrant discipline. We’re thrilled for scholars to embark on enriching elective journeys, exploring passions, and expanding horizons.

Link to Electives Showcases Photos

In late 2023, our schools hosted showcases linking the community with academic successes in elective programs. We invite you to take a look at some of the excitement and creativity firsthand! Click here to view pictures from various schools showcasing their electives.