Tennesse Accountability Scores – Celebrating Our Commitment To Excellence

RePublic Schools in Nashville Earn Promising Accountability Ratings Released by the State Department of Education

Dear RePublic Community,

Here at RePublic Schools we are committed to providing all of our scholars with an exceptional educational experience. Our goal is to help our scholars navigate and change the world and to do that we lead schools that are anchored in love, achievement, and antiracism. Since 2014, we have been privileged to provide this care to our scholars and their families, and we are hopeful that we can continue to do this for years to come. 

Our Ratings: 

The State Department of Education formally released school accountability letter grades and we are pleased to share with you that our schools earned the following ratings:

  • Liberty Collegiate Academy – B
  • Nashville Prep – B
  • RePublic High School – C

These letter-grade ratings should be a time for celebration of our scholars and staff! We pride ourselves on working hard to grow every scholar who comes through our doors every single day. This is evident with all three of our RePublic Nashville schools earning the highest possible growth rating of TVAAS Level 5 for two consecutive years. These ratings also showcase that we are working to improve academic outcomes for scholars at all levels. 

Our commitment to providing an equitable education to children in the South remains unwavering, and these ratings will encourage our efforts to ensure each student reaches their greatest potential.

Understanding the Accountability Rating System

The TN accountability rating is calculated using a weighted formula that considers several factors, including the percentage of scholars proficient in state-tested subjects, TVAAS Level of Growth, growth among the lowest-performing 25%, and the percentage of the graduating cohort deemed “College and Career Ready.”

Our Commitment To Growth

While we know that these accountability grades don’t fully capture the brilliance of our scholars or the dedication of our educators, they do provide us insights on where we can continue to grow and improve our schools.  We are focusing on the following this school year to improve scholar proficiency:

  • Improving our data tracking to better understand how every scholar is growing throughout the year to inform differentiated learning supports
  • Building deeper partnerships with our families to work together to ensure scholars have the learning support and practice they need at school and home
  • Investing heavily in teacher and leader development so our staff have the knowledge, tools, and practice to drive strong scholar outcomes.

Deepening Partnerships and Open Communication

We are committed to partnering more deeply with our community and families. This includes improved communication with families about scholar progress and how we can partner with families to ensure every scholar receives the learning support they need. We are collaborating with community partners to support scholars and families more holistically, and leveraging the thought partnership of our Regional Advisory Board to help plan for future impact.

A Call to Collective Action

We also believe that ‘seeing is believing’. We invite you to visit our schools to see our scholars in action and welcome any feedback on how we can become Better Together!

We appreciate your continued support of RePublic Schools and eagerly anticipate celebrating collaborative wins in the future. For more information about the Tennessee Accountability System and Ratings, please visit the TN Department of Education webpage.

View our official press release here.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey towards educational excellence.