Kevin Gardner, receives Praise from award-winning author, Elizabeth Acevedo

Award-Winning author, and poet, Elizabeth Acevedo, recently praised the written work of Kevin Gardner, a middle school student who demonstrated a unique ability to merge Acevedo’s work with that of another famous writer to create his own masterpiece.

The story began when Kevin Gardner, an 8th grader at Nashville Prep, was tasked with a school assignment that required him to author a creative writing piece based on the book of his choice. The assignment was meant to stir creativity in the scholars based on the compositions of others they had read.  Rather than simply writing a story that imitated the work of his favorite writers, Kevin demonstrated a remarkable ability to merge the two authors’ styles and create something entirely new.

Kevin showed a great interest in the work of Elizabeth Acevedo, award-winning author, and poet known for titles such as With the Fire On High, Soul Food, and the award-winning piece, Clap When You Land. He also appreciated the work of Daniel José Older, writer of Shadowshaper.  

Kevin’s writing merged the stories of the main characters within Clap As You Land and Shadowshaper, devising an unexpected meeting of the two in the city of New York. It was the work you’d expect from a student with years of writing experience.

Kevin’s teacher, William McMahon, was impressed by the caliber of the composition and decided to contact Acevedo’s publicist. Kevin’s work quickly got to Elizabeth Acevedo herself. Acevedo was also impressed with Kevin’s writing and sent him a video praising his work. In the video, Acevedo expressed her admiration for Kevin’s unique style and appreciation for his desire to be creative.

Kevin’s success highlights the importance of encouraging young writers to find their own voices and experiment with different writing styles.

Elizabeth Acevedo is a powerful voice in contemporary literature, known for her books that explore issues of race, identity, and family. Acevedo has won numerous awards for her work, including the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature and the Carnegie Medal. Her praise of Kevin’s work demonstrates her commitment to encouraging young writers and supporting diverse voices in literature.

In a world where young people are often discouraged from pursuing creative careers, Kevin’s success is a reminder that there is always room for new voices and new ideas. As Acevedo herself has noted, “we need to support and amplify the voices of young people, especially those who have been historically marginalized.” Kevin’s success is proof that with dedication and hard work, anyone can create something truly remarkable.

In conclusion, Elizabeth Acevedo’s praise of Kevin Anthony’s writing is a testament to the power of creativity and the importance of supporting young writers. Kevin’s ability to merge the writing styles of two famous authors into something entirely new is indicative of his talent and dedication. We hope this emerging writer’s success will inspire other young writers to find their own voice and pursue their dreams.