Announcing the Promotion of Ashley Davis Gallimore – Chief People Officer

We are thrilled to share that Ashley Davis Gallimore, Chief Talent Officer, has been promoted to Chief People Officer of RePublic Schools. As leader of the People Team, Ashley now oversees the daily functions of Talent, and Human Resources, as well as the newest addition to the People Team – Student Recruitment and Enrollment.

She began her tenure at RePublic Schools in 2017, and prior to serving as Chief Talent Officer, held the roles of Director of Talent Development and Associate Director of Talent Recruitment. 

When asked what most excites her about stepping the role of Chief People Officer, Davis Gallimore emphasized her belief that our scholars, families, and staff are the heart of this organization and her excitement to focus on what their experiences look and feel like within our school community, as well as  how we can intentionally elevate their voices to become better together in leading schools anchored in love, achievement, and antiracism.

“Our scholars and families are integral to our community, our success, and the future of RePublic. They know what they want, how they want to be supported as members of our school community, and we are ready and open to listen and work together to make that a reality,” said Davis Gallimore.

As for RePublic staff – Ashley acknowledges that RePublic Schools wouldn’t be where we are today without them, and firmly believes that the only way  to create schools that our people deserve is by working together, leveraging the strengths we bring into our schools, and working together to create the changes we know are needed and possible. “We know working in education in this current climate  is one of the most challenging professions and we are incredibly grateful for everything they do big and small each day to support and teach our scholars. We want RePublic to be a place where they see themselves longterm and we are committed to making changes to ensure this work is more sustainable and that we are valuing and uplifting the experience and expertise of our great teachers and leaders in how we lead schools,” she said. 

We are most excited about her wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with her commitment and passion for living out our mission to run schools rooted in love, achievement and antiracism! Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Davis Gallimore!