Announcing Our Newest Principal of RePublic High School

We are excited to announce that Mrs. LaTrina Johnson-Brown, current interim principal of RePublic High School, will take on the role of full time principal. Mrs. Johnson-Brown has been an integral part of the RePublic network. Beginning her journey with RePublic at Nashville Academy of Computer Science, Mrs. Johnson-Brown made an impact on scholars, staff, and families immediately as a Dean of Students. After a track record of success, she transitioned to the RHS team as a Dean of Instruction at the start of last school year and continued to make meaningful change and progress. She began this school year as the Director of Curriculum & Instruction where she was able to support teacher practice to further outcomes for scholars. 

Prior to joining RePublic Schools, Mrs. Johnson-Brown served as an English teacher and grade level chair at KIPP Delta Collegiate High School in Helena, Arkansas and as a sociology instructor at Voorhees College, a historically Black college, in Denmark, South Carolina.

When we asked her what makes her most excited about taking on this role, Mrs. Johnson-Brown had this to say, 

“I’m excited about leading RePublic High School because as educators, we always have to meet the moment. This moment in our country and city’s history mandates that we have leaders who believe that strong results matter and that those results are a matter of justice for our scholars and families. I can proudly say that I am prepared to be that leader, especially being the first Black principal of RePublic High School, and am excited to take RHS into the future. I’m a true believer in the potential of our school and the scholars. I’m looking forward to leveraging every piece of my experience to deliver on the mission of RHS and of RePublic Schools.

“In my lowest and most tired moments, I will ask myself the question: WWJD or What Would Justice Demand? I will push myself and my team to consider what justice would demand of us. Our scholars deserve our best at all times; I am humbled and honored to lead this talented team to make RHS one of the best high schools in Nashville, as well as the South.“

We believe her strong results, her commitment and dedication to the Nashville community, and her wealth of prior experiences make Mrs. Johnson-Brown the ideal principal of RePublic High School. Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Johnson-Brown!