Statement On The Mississippi State Board of Education’s Accountability Grade Suspension

Yesterday morning, the Mississippi State Board of Education voted to suspend school accountability letter grades for the 2020-2021 school year and waive the requirement for third grade scholars to pass the state reading exam. While students must still take the end of year exams, schools will not be assigned a letter grade based on student performance. 

At RePublic, we are committed to providing our scholars with an excellent education. This decision from the Board of Education does not change that. We will remain resolute in our promise to our families to challenge their scholars and help them grow. Our Jackson Director of Schools, Charles Stanley, shares this sentiment:

“Our focus has always been on ensuring that our scholars are on grade level or above. While this test will not serve for state accountability, it will be our way to know how well we are keeping our commitment to the families we serve. We look forward to putting forth our best efforts on these exams just the same, as they will reflect our ability to get our scholars ready for promotion.”

If you have questions about this decision by the state board of education, reach out to the Mississippi Department of Education at 601-359-1750.