Computer Science for All: Announcing Our Computer Science Partnership With KIPP Texas

At RePublic Schools, we  believe in computer science for all scholars. What this means is that every RePublic scholar, starting with our kindergarteners up through our high school seniors, takes computer science classes. Using a best in class curriculum, in part developed by our team, our scholars learn different programming languages, app development, robotics, and more, all culminating in our sophomores taking the AP Computer Science Principles exam. Last year, more than 70 percent of our scholars who sat for the AP Computer Science Principles exam passed with a 3 or higher, surpassing the state average.

But as a network, we’ve chosen not to just stop with our scholars. We’ve leaned into our core value of Become Better Together and have shared our curriculum, free of charge, with schools across the country. Specifically, our curriculum is accessed by more than 140 schools across multiple states, ultimately impacting over 51,000 students. 

We are proud to announce that our newest partner, KIPP Texas, will allow our curriculum to expand to scholars across the network’s many middle schools. With a diverse student body much like our own, we are excited that more scholars of color will receive an excellent computer science education. We believe that this will ultimately lead to a more diverse tech industry, with greater representation from Black and Latinx individuals. We sat down with KIPP Texas to hear what they’re most excited about for this new development.

What drew you to RePublic’s computer science curriculum?
For teachers who are new to teaching computer science, the curriculum offers flexibility and is embedded with full instructional support with daily lessons, student work, assessments and teacher professional development.

What are you most looking forward to once incorporating RePublic’s computer science curriculum into your own?
We are most looking forward to providing early computer science exposure to our middle school students. As we focus on improving equity and access for all students, we look forward to middle school KIPPsters engaging in computer science coursework as they progressively work towards our high school north star, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A.

A computer science education helps prepare scholars for college and life beyond college by equipping them with problem-solving, critical thinking and organization skills. For more information about our computer science program, reach out to our Director of Computer Science, Allison Arth.