Computer Science For All

Computer Science For All

At RePublic Schools, every scholar takes computer science as a core subject starting with kindergarten all the way through high school. Scholars learn coding, app development, robotics, and more, all culminating in our sophomores taking the AP Computer Science Principles exam. This past spring 2020, 70 percent of our sophomores passed with a three or higher! We are so proud of our scholars and the curriculum.

However, this computer science curriculum is not exclusive. Two of RePublic’s core values are Become Better Together and Lead for Racial Equity. It’s not just about helping our scholars achieve. We believe that our mission of reimagining public education in the South is truly a concept that compels us to ensure that all scholars can benefit from our curriculum. 

In America, two of the most underrepresented demographics in technology are people who identify as Black and Brown. The majority of RePublic Schools’ scholars identify as People of color and by the time this current kindergarten class graduates from high school, the US will be even more diverse. We believe that it is important to champion diversity in the tech industry and we are excited to be part of enriching the tech industry with diverse identities to help impact our communities, and lives.

With that in mind, our robust computer science curriculum and accompanying training has been shared for free with districts and schools across the country. In fact, our computer science curriculum is used by teachers in more than 

145 schools 

Across 20 states

Impacting more than 34,000 students

We’re so honored to help students achieve all over the nation.

Recently, we helped KIPP Texas bring our computer science curriculum to their schools. KIPP Texas has a student body size of nearly 30,000 students across 59 schools in the state of Texas. Here’s what they had to say.

What drew you to RePublic’s computer science curriculum?

For teachers who are new to teaching computer science, the curriculum offers flexibility and is embedded with full instructional support with daily lessons, student work, assessments and professional development.

What are you most looking forward to once incorporating RePublic’s computer science curriculum into your own?

We are most looking forward to providing early computer science exposure to our middle school students. As we focus on improving equity and access for all students, we look forward to middle school KIPPsters engaging in computer science coursework as they progressively work towards our high school north star, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A.

A computer science education helps prepare scholars for college and life beyond college by equipping them with problem-solving, critical thinking and organization skills. For more information regarding how to get your scholar involved with RePublic’s computer science curriculum, visit our enroll page.