A Statement from RePublic Schools Regarding Recent Events at RePublic High School

On Friday, Aug. 16, Khadijah Griffis, an employee of substitute teacher vendor Enriched Schools, was assigned to work at RePublic High School for the day, despite the fact that she was involved in an incident over the summer resulting in the death of a young man whose three younger siblings attend our schools. 

We share the outrage of the victim’s family that this occurred. Ms. Griffis previously passed all background checks and served as a substitute with RePublic Schools prior to the incident. However, when we became aware of the recent events involving Ms. Griffis, we immediately notified Enriched Schools and instructed them not to assign her to any of our campuses going forward under any circumstances. Despite this, Enriched assigned her to our school where she came in contact with one of the victim’s siblings. Once we became aware of the situation, we immediately escorted her off campus and reached out to Enriched Schools to determine what went wrong.

Our scholars’ physical, mental, and emotional safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we deeply regret the impact this upsetting incident has had on our school community. As a result, we are working closely with the scholars’ family and providing additional counseling support for all or our scholars. Additionally, we are holding Enriched Schools accountable by placing our contract under review and are adding additional measures to monitor the substitute placements in our schools.