Celebrating Our Wins: Network State Testing Highlights

At RePublic Schools, our mission is to reimagine public education in the South. Part of that reimagination includes deeply valuing scholar growth and achievement. We promise each and every family that we will get their scholar to and through college. To fulfill that promise, we hold our scholars to an incredibly high bar of academic excellence and work tirelessly to ensure every scholar is making progress towards that goal. With that said, we are proud to share a few of the highlights from our state testing results.


We are incredibly proud of the work happening in Jackson. Whether it is our middle schools each growing a letter grade in one year; Reimagine Prep to a B and Smilow Prep to a C, or Smilow Collegiate scholars performing extremely well on the Mississippi Kindergarten Readiness Assessment great things are happening in our Jackson schools.

  • At the start of last school year, 104 of our 108 Smilow Collegiate scholars were identified as emergent readers on the Mississippi Kindergarten Readiness test, meaning they had not mastered foundational literacy skills. After testing again in the spring, this number dropped to only 25 scholars.
  • We are proud of the progress Smilow Prep has made in math. Smilow Prep scholars outperformed the Jackson Public Schools district average in math proficiency and math growth, or the percentage of scholars who grew.
  • When compared to other middle schools in Jackson Public Schools, Reimagine Prep’s achievement and growth data makes it the highest performing open enrollment middle school in Jackson.


We are equally proud of the work happening in Nashville.

  • All three Nashville middle schools; Liberty Collegiate Academy, Nashville Academy of Computer Science, and Nashville Prep, earned a TVAAS score of 5. TVAAS, or the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System, measures student growth year over year. A score of , which is the highest a school can earn, 5 means that there is significant evidence that our teachers are helping our students to grow.
  • This year, Liberty Collegiate Academy was named a Reward School, meaning that our school was among the top in the state of Tennessee in achievement, growth, and attendance.
  • Additionally, scholars who graduated in 2019 from RePublic High School were more likely to have a college ready score, a 21 or higher on the ACT, than if they attended their equivalent zoned school.