Celebrating Our Scholars’ Growth

At RePublic, we love assessments for what they teach us about what our scholars can do, how far they have grown, and the areas where they need to grow more. Assessments are accountability for adults and scholars. They are also an opportunity to celebrate incredible achievements. So far this year, 40 percent of RePublic scholars are on track to make more than a year of academic growth in a single year.* We call this kind of growth “College Ready,” because when scholars grow at an accelerated rate, they get closer to the performance expected of them in college. We sat down with a few of these amazing scholars to hear how they felt about meeting, and in many cases exceeding their goals.

Zaniya, pictured left, is a fifth grader at Nashville Academy of Computer Science. Zaniya didn’t just meet her College Ready Growth Goal, she exceeded it.

“When I saw my score, I felt excited and like I could do anything. To meet my goal, I read a lot of books in class like Number the Stars, Esperanza Rising, and Wonder. I also did all of my homework. When I would read at home, I would annotate just like we do in class. We annotate actions, thoughts, and words which helps us know how the characters are feeling. To be ready for the test in May, I will keep doing the same things like annotating, studying, and doing my homework so that I can get a good grade and pass the test.”

Irvin, pictured center, is a fifth grade scholar at Nashville Prep. He met his math and reading College Ready Growth Goals.

“I was really proud of myself. I practiced a lot to get ready for the test, and my teacher, Ms. Trombley, helped me most of all. Meeting these goals means I’m ready for anything.”

Railyn, pictured right, is an eighth grade scholar at Reimagine Prep. Railyn met her goal in math.

“Honestly at first I felt relieved. I so was nervous, and I took my time because algebra is hard for me. When I was taking the test, I reread the questions over and over again until I finally got it , showed work on my scratch paper, and came up with the solution I thought was the best. Once I saw how much I was able to grow, I felt really proud. I want to thank Ms. O’Brien for always teaching me and helping me out with math.”

Zion, pictured left, is a seventh grade scholar at Smilow Prep. Zion met her College Ready Growth Goal in math.

“I found out that I met my goal on my birthday, and I was so happy. I was really proud of myself. I stayed up all night the night and studied nonstop before to make sure I made my growth goal. To meet my goal in the spring, I will study even more and make sure I keep listening. I know that meeting my goals means that I am on the right track and that I am where I need to be.”

Atom, pictured center, is a kindergarten scholar at Smilow Collegiate. He met his reading College Ready Growth Goal.

“I tried my best and focused. I felt good when I met college ready growth goal. Ms. Thomas helped me grow the most because she always helps me with my work and calls on me to let me answer questions. When I take the test again, I will keep focusing and read the questions carefully. “

Sophia, pictured on the left in the far right photo, is a fifth grade scholar at Liberty Collegiate Academy. Sophia met her goal in math and in reading.

“Meeting my College Ready Growth Goals means a lot. I know if I keep meeting my goals then I can go to a really good college, and I want to go to Harvard! I am going to keep trying my best and listening in every single class. I really want to stay focused.”

*This data is from the NWEA MAP exam. MAP exams produce accurate, reliable data that reveal the precise learning level of every student, regardless of the student’s ability or grade level. MAP identifies areas of strength and opportunity, as well as overall performance. We use MAP data to gain insights into college readiness and independent academic growth.