Photo Essay: #RePublicTrainingCamp - Week One

This past week, staff from across the network gathered in Nashville to begin RePublic Training Camp. Teachers, school leaders, operations teams, and network support staff dove in full force each day from 7AM-5PM to prepare for the 2015-2016 school year.

Our biggest takeaway? It's the strongest start to a school year we've seen to date. The room pulsed with the collective energy of a group that is fired up and ready to go heading into week two. 

Staff welcomed each other back on Monday morning after several weeks of summer vacation.

Nashville Prep's Ms. Anosike and staff listen as our CEO, Ravi Gupta, starts the week with a session on educational inequity in the South, RePublic's history, our scholars' historic results, and our collective charge.

Ms. Ilgenfritz kicks off literacy training with a session on Close Reading as we enter an era of deeper content discussion, instructional video analysis, and intellectual preparation. At RePublic, all teachers are literacy teachers.

RePublic High School's Kait Troy to her founding team: "When you commit to something, you commit to it with excellence."

RePublic scholars and families volunteered their time to welcome, inspire, and provide key insights for staff. As LCA parent Charlie Robertson put it: "Get ready. Our kids may try you. But with your will and determination to give them the education we know they deserve, you will make a profound and irreversible impact on their lives."

Teachers practice (and then practice again) foundational instructional taxonomy. Here, staff role play Doug Lemov's "Strong Voice" and "Do It Again" techniques.

Ms. Nguyen made sure our team in Mississippi was looped in remotely to trainings (via HighFive), and that all sessions ran seamlessly.

Nashville Prep's Mr. Dempsey opens up Day 3 with an anecdote about Pluto, and urges staff to get nerdy about content: "We now have the opportunity to ask questions we never even knew were possible."

The team closed out the week with shout-outs.