RePublic Schools Awarded $200,000 from Carnegie Corporation for Personalized Learning Platform

Carnegie Corporation of New York recently announced a $200,000 grant in support of RePublic Schools. This one year grant will fund the design of a personalized learning platform, which will in turn enable RePublic to dramatically accelerate learning by personalizing the student experience. Students will be able to access adaptive modules and assessments, along with self-paced videos.

Ravi Gupta, RePublic co-Founder and CEO, commented on the seismic impact this investment will have on our high school students. “In its first year of operation, RePublic High School has proven tremendously successful across all areas: academics, culture, extracurriculars, and curricular access and delivery. With this investment, we will combine our instructional and technological strength to give scholars a truly personalized experience.”

RePublic seeks to fill two additional positions because of this investment: a Director of Personalized Learning and a Software Developer. The Director of Personalized Learning will be dedicated to designing, implementing, and refining RePublic High School’s personalized learning strategy, metrics, and platform. This person does not need the software skills to build the platform, but will have demonstrated a capacity to advance innovation in the K-12 space. The Software Developer will work with the RePublic software and instructional teams to develop, manage, and refine a groundbreaking personalized learning platform and courseware technology.   

Carnegie Corporation of New York is a philanthropic foundation created by Andrew Carnegie in 1911 to do “real and permanent good in this world.”