Battle of the Bulletin Boards

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Green, transformed her classroom into “Green’s Island,” a tropical paradise. Every corner dazzled the eye with texture and color; good behavior and grades earned a trip to the Island’s Treasure Chest, where finger traps and small containers of Play-Doh mingled with Dum Dums. Entering Green’s Island, I was transported to a world of exploration and possibility. The year before, my struggle with rote memorization of multiplication had been demoralizing.  With a carefully decorated classroom, Mrs. Green revived my innate love of learning.

Aesthetics matter to kids. How our schools look tells kids -- more powerfully than our words -- what we care about. At RePublic, we believe that our schools are temples of learning. We expect the physical space that kids inhabit -- our classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias -- to communicate that. Our walls speak for us about our values and the expectations we have for our scholars.

At RePublic, we take our wallspace very seriously. In our first Bulletin Board Competition, schools competed to create bulletin boards that spoke to our beliefs with three-dimensional displays that celebrated literacy, our values, college, and overall aesthetics.

Please enjoy these photos of the winners!

Literacy Team
Nashville Academy of Computer Science

Stacy Clearman
Liberty Collegiate Academy

5th Grade Math Team
Reimagine Prep

Courtney Vickers
Director of Academic Supports
Nashville Academy of Computer Science

Leigh Hill
5th ELA
Smilow Prep